Write or Right? 5 writing tips for members of the digital world!

We all have pet-peeves. I call mine “writing glitches” because they derive from writing, grading and editing on a daily basis. Whether you are a fellow-writer or solely fellow-reader of the blogging community, I’m sure you have your own opinion on what is acceptable and what is not in that regard. Even though our viewpoints on the topic may differ, there are a few elements that, I believe, we would all agree on.

Writing has been in existence for a few thousands of years. Its entity may have remained the same, but other aspects, including grammar, syntax, punctuation and spelling have changed and will keep changing throughout time. Let’s look at the top 5 tips that all members of the digital era should know:

  • Use correct grammarSome mistakes are more common than others. But this isn’t an excuse to have any in your text. 
  • Eliminate spelling mistakes – No need to be a spelling bee, but spelling mistakes can really sting and “injure” your credibility as a writer. Try your luck with “the 25 most commonly misspelled words” and you will thank autocorrect later. 
  • Use the Oxford comma – Being British is not a requirement. And neither is using the Oxford comma, but it does make you a more competent writer. 
  • Be stingy – In regards to length. Show the reader you value their time through conciseness and precision.
  • Be catchy – But still accurate with your headline. You want to grab your readers’ attention and also make sure that the title corresponds to the information you promised to deliver.

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