Self-assess, self-reflect, self-brand.

I like to consider myself a global citizen. My background, experiences, and traveling have shaped the person I have become, as well as the person and professional I aspire to be. I have found self-awareness to be a critical component in the process as it opens the door for self-assessment and discovery of things I need to change and steps I need to take in order to achieve my goals. In the “Authentic person’s guide to self-branding,” Elizabeth Segran emphasizes the need to create a big idea for yourself based on your personality. There’s a reason we are all different and don’t fit every job description.

As cliche as that may sound, my passion is to travel, meet new people, and step outside my comfort zone by overcoming the ethnic, linguistic, religious, political and any other differences that are likely to impede the process. My goal is to foster and facilitate communication between people of different backgrounds, cultures, and languages, and promote rather than hinder the creation of relationships that will benefit both parties and advance globalization efforts. There are a few different fields that would allow me to do that, but my desire is to exceed within Higher Education and/or the Travel Industry. In order to establish a personal brand that reflects my objective, I plan to:

  • Observe the work of other professionals who have succeeded in the field, such as David PeckinpaughAs the President of Maritz Travel, he has ensured to maintain a clean and professional digital profile. His LinkedIn account is up to date, he tweets mostly about issues in his industry and everything that pops up under his name once I look him up online, are articles regarding his successful career. There is even a YouTube video with a presentation he has given.
  • Keep my LinkedIn account updated and share ongoing trends, changes in the field and other relevant material.
  • Turn Twitter into a more professional platform of personal branding and tweet at least twice a week on non class-related material.
  • Double the number of my Twitter followers from 150 to 300 and follow more professionals from my desired field
  • Network and maintain connections through these digital means.

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