BBC doing Social Media right.

BBC is undoubtedly one of the world leaders in news broadcasting. Rather than the content and topic of their articles, we shall look at how they distribute news through their social media platforms, and more specifically their mobile app, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

The company’s user-friendly mobile app allows easy navigation and access to news stories that are constantly updated – especially Breaking News – from their global network of correspondents. Each news story targets audience engagement through visual and/or audio aids and most article titles are 5 to 10 word long, which fulfills the necessary conciseness of a read on a small screen. The app also allows users to personalize the news they receive based on the topics they are interested in.

Their Facebook page takes a slightly different, but equally effective approach by following the recommended 40 character length parameters to achieve maximum engagement. To make them even more engaging, all news stories come with a picture and a lot of them match Facebook’s “trending topics.” On weekends, they are usually posted every couple of hours unless a breaking news story comes up and readers have the opportunity to share and address comments or questions on any given article.

Their Twitter account is updated every few minutes ensuring instant access to news that are ongoing or have just been released. The character count tends to deviate from the 71-100 recommendation (most are less than 60 characters long) and the use of hashtags seems unnecessary. The amount of retweets they get suggests that’s not a problem.
With millions of followers on all platforms, BBC is definitely doing social media right.



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