The Mechanics of Twitterland.

I am one of many Twitter users who created an account, used it for a good while and then lost interest. Luckily, my #MPJ2015 class is here to prove me that I made a mistake and that Twitter is a platform that can be used for personal, educational, entertaining, informational, professional, and a variety of other reasons.

After looking at some analytics and reading a few articles, I was able to pinpoint a few things that can make me a better and more successful Twitter user. Content is undoubtedly the most important element, but if not supported properly, it can easily fail you. What do I mean?

  • I need to think like a reporter and create original, newsworthy content that my followers will find interesting, relevant and useful. ALSO, being funny matters, which definitely creates an extra obstacle in my case.
  • I need to engage in conversations with other Twitter users, that way my tweets are more likely to be seen and retweeted by gatekeepers.
  • I need to retweet and favor tweets that I deem appropriate and purposeful to my field and professional interests.
  • I need to think about the time of the day that I tweet, as some time frames are more prevalent to be reached by my Twitter followers than others. Aka, if I find a really good article at 11pm, it would be wise not to tweet about it until around lunchtime the next day (#thankfulforHootsuite).

Tweeting, retweeting, favoring, solely following or whatever else it is that it keeping you active on Twitter, make sure that it is meaningful.



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