St. Louis Public Radio On-Demand

The plethora of news outlets available to the public is undoubtedly overwhelming. And so are the platforms that these news outlets use to reach their audience.

The St. Louis Public Radio in specific, has unsurprisingly, stayed up to date with the trend and has invested in one of today’s most profitable and universal digital networking forms, Social Media. Their Twitter account seems to be successfully and strategically managed as they are doing a great job keeping their audience engaged. Most of their tweets are posted during prime times (aka lunchtime), and the content is usually accompanied by visual/audio aids and gifs that always attract more engagements. Additionally, they ask for their followers’ opinions and feedback on different topics and retweet them showing that they care about what they have to say.

Their Instagram account isn’t as active but that is probably because they also seem to use it for a different reason. Barely any of the posts share the same content with the one that is shared on Twitter. That being said, the content seems to be more informational rather than newsworthy. They also post pictures from “behind-the-scenes” of their team, which helps them become more personable to their followers.

Their website is not solely focused on news articles but also offers information about their programs and other events that take place in the St. Louis area. Visitors of their webpage can easily access anything local making more it attractive that similar websites that are congested with information and ads.



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