Websites praising “Content is king, design is queen”

  1. In my search for a digital portfolio with worthy content and appealing design, I stumbled upon Logan de La Barre-Hays’s digital portfolio that instantly caught my attention. Logan does a great job demonstrating her work and experience in a well-organized and easy-to-navigate website. In her About Me page, she talks a little bit about her background and passion while in her Selected Works she displays examples of some projects, presentations, and papers. She also has her Resume, Service experience, Morocco photo gallery and Media work. The design is simple but appealing to the eye as each page shows a different photo of her experience that relates back to her main idea; her love for Morocco, Middle Eastern studies and desire to make a change. The font and its size are legible and she has picked black and white which are complimented by the photographs she has added to every page.   Meknes_Morocco_photo_tour_Kathy_Adams_Clark
  2. The Associated Press is a non-profit newsgathering company reaching out to readers worldwide. Their website includes a Company page displaying information about their history, awards, and leadership, a Media Center, and Products and Services scroll-down pages with a variety of options. The design is simple and easy to navigate while the colors are friendly to the reader’s eye.gty_ap_building_wmain
  3. Brandon Stanton showed that a passion along with a simple idea can show someone the road to success. In the summer of 2010 he launched Humans of New York, which grew fast into a well-known storyteller giving us a glimpse into New Yorkers’ lives. He takes pictures and portraits of strangers on the street and collects a quote that he posts under each source. On his website he displays all of his work in a chronological order while providing an archive, making it easy to look up older posts. The simple design and humble amount of pages help visitors navigate through his About, Iran, and Photographer pages. Although the title on the website is a a little hard to read due to the background of random photos, the text under each post is appealing to the eye.81KoTkfKTrL

Argentinian Heart Touching American Lives

We all have a favorite teacher who has had a huge impact on our lives without him/her realizing it. Cipriano Casado is that kind of teacher and his students at Whitfield School are very well aware of it. He is originally from Azul, Argentina but moved to St. Louis to pursue his Master’s Degree in International Affairs at WASHU. He soon realized that teaching was his calling and rightfully so, as he’s one of Whitfield’s most beloved Spanish faculty members today.

What’s his recipe you may ask. Upon interviewing him and two of his students, Josh and Kate, here are the secrets to his success:

  • Energy: He’s fun, interesting, and smart, but what his students love the most about him is his energy and passion for teaching. They know that it’s hard to reach his level of energy but he gives them no other option.
  • Trust: He makes everyone feel included and won’t let anyone fall behind allowing him to establish trust; an element he finds essential in the classroom.
  • Transparency: He’s not afraid to open up and show his students who he really is or bring up taboo topics that will help them become more well-rounded and conscious of the world around them.
  • Relationships: He cares about each student individually and balances out being their friend and teacher making him more approachable and easy to talk to.
  • Innovation: He goes beyond the traditional teaching methods of lecturing textbook material and always strives to improve their learning experience by modeling what he teaches. He lets his students experience the culture by exposing them to food, music, dance, contemporary issues, and incorporates technology.

The trip wasn’t easy, but the journey has been rewarding. See what Cip, Josh, and Kate had to tell me in this brief video.