iPad mini project reflection

Working on this project was a lot of fun but way more challenging than I expected. I don’t consider myself a technologically challenged individual but the iPad mini made me think otherwise at times.

Attending the event, thinking of the best angle to take pictures and videos as well as talking to the coordinators and participants was probably what I enjoyed the most. Having to pick from the plethora of interesting performances and exhibits in order to showcase the event in a short video was one of the hardest parts. I picked Flipagram because it seemed to be the most user-friendly app with the most options in regards to editing the pictures and videos. However, the app wouldn’t allow me to add text on the videos, thus making it impossible to write captions for the people I interviewed and the examples of exhibits I selected. Not being able to add music to the pictures I had included made me remove them in order to avoid all the awkward silent moments during the video. At that point I decided to separately add them to my blog post, but due to a glitch on the app of WordPress I had to go through quite a bit of frustration and some additional steps in order to do so.

Considering that this is my first time creating a multimedia project, I am particularly proud of the combination and placement of clips I did. I believe that videos and pictures are of good quality and follow the rules defining good media material. As much as I am satisfied with this aspect, I wish I had taken more pictures and videos from the event – having too much material is always better than not having enough. I would also make sure to obtain the same type of media from the different types of exhibits.One of the mistakes I did was to solely record videos of the performances and solely take pictures of the food/craft booths.

For future projects, I will definitely be more proactive in terms of planning the material I collect and how I utilize it based on the equipment I have in my disposal.