“Today” is always important!

We have all heard of Nikon; one of the world’s leaders in digital camera and imaging product sales. One would expect that their website would solely be targeted at advertising and marketing strategies that will increase their product sales but I have a pleasant surprise for you. Nikon’s “this day” is an interactive webpage with a very different purpose that all history geeks, trivia addicts and random fact lovers need to bookmark. It is an extraordinary example of multiplatform journalism that includes photos, text and music. The page takes you on a short journey in history the day you visit it by displaying a random but significant event that occurred that day. What’s cool about it is that it displays facts from around the world versus a specific country while the time frame of the given event ranges from BC to the 20th century. It also allows you to read about events from as far as seven days back making it hard to waste too much time looking around, which is noteworthy considering that most websites throw you as many distractions as they possibly can. The cleancut graphic design of the webpage is also helpful in eliminating distractions while the soothing music in the background enhances the experience. Last but not least, if you find yourself addicted and want to make sure that you’ll never miss a day, in a few single steps you can easily turn the webpage into a screensaver or desktop gadget for your computer. After all, any time spent gaining knowledge is never wasted.

Indulge yourselves!